Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) Portal

DCOI Portal is a web-based portal which has database to store all the data gathered within each agency/datacenter. This tool is designed to address the challenges in collecting the assets across the federal agencies with their data centers spread across the globe. The tool is customized and designed for USDA. It can be used across other federal agencies. Following are the key features.

DCOI Portal key features:

  • DCOI Portal can be customized to constantly changing process for an organization’s such as (USDA, HUD…). The data collection process which constantly changing can be accommodated in the portal as needed.

  • DCOI Portal is a Web Based tool which requires access for the mission area, Agencies managers and the users.

  • Data collected is stored in a normalized database which can be viewed using the web portal or can be exported. Generate reports on the fly.

  • Presently DCOI Portal is able to collect the data center specific information related to the agency/mission area such as application names, server information and related hardware specifics.

  • All the updates to a specific agency changes are captured as to who and when the changes were made.

  • Data collection can be extended to the financial information specific to the agency and mission area. This feature is not implemented currently but the infrastructure for the database have been created to handle this.

  • Portal has the capabilities to load bulk data for the agency using bulk upload feature. Also, it has the feature to update the application specific data using the portal.

  • Data progress is captured with the time stamp for the reporting.

  • Portal has the capability to add access to the users based on their responsibilities and assign them their respective role such as manager or viewing (Agency or Mission area)