System Integrations

  • Defines requirements, designs architectures, integrates complex systems (e.g. custom and COTS-based solutions) and develops business intelligence and data warehousing capabilities.

  • Every customer is unique, and so are the requirements specific to the mission and vision of their organization. Therefore, not every customer solution should be the same. Some missions and some environments need reliable software tailored specifically to individual requirements.

  • Techy Innovations expertise in software engineering and technology consulting to customize solutions for each customer. We are committed to delivering quality solutions on-time and within budget.

  • We provide comprehensive, cost-effective support and expertise in technology and business operations for system engineering solution development. We develop, design, build, test and manage systems and solutions to meet missions objectives. Our engineering services address a range of issues common to most system life-cycles, from determining mission needs, to development, fielding, and operational support.

  • Techy Innovations is not merely a consulting firm; we are a strong and independent IT compass that guides our customers to success. Be it a simple hardware sale, a complex enterprise solution, or a complete outsourcing model, our team of expert sales consultants, solution architects, engineers, project managers, and technicians are dedicated to ensure that your unique project is completed on time and on budget.