Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Wizard

RPA Wizard is a web based application, provides an organization with all the necessary policies, procedures, guidelines, templates and forms in step-by –step instructions, ready for use- everything you need for compliance with RPA-DEV. RPA wizard designed and developed by Techy Innovations which is based on Capability Maturity Model Integration (RPA) by the SEI (Software Engineering Institute). SEI was founded by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

  • RPA wizard installs on your intranet web server, accessible from your web browser, simplifying maintenance and centralizing process and project management.

  • Includes web-based repositories for your processes and projects, version control, change control and process history. Rich retrieval capabilities are also included.

  • RPA wizard makes appraisals easy by providing an automated mapping between the RPA, the step-by-step procedures, and the project repository. PIID (Practice Implementation Indicator Description) is generated in an instant and ready for the appraisal, thereby reducing cost and subjectivity. PIIDs support the appraisal team to conduct the appraisal effectively and efficiently.

  • RPA wizard is the first web application to have a PIID Wizard (Practice Implementation Indicator Description) generator, which is a robust in generating PIID report in seconds.

  • Application can be accessed from web, which makes it easy to upload a file, view, generate PIID and use as an admin remotely.

RPA Wizard is a unique in the market great product and service to offer all the tools available to our customers. Whether your business is developing high-tech systems, consumer software, or IT services, you want to ensure the highest quality product or service reaches your customer on time. Using RPA-DEV as part of a process improvement program in your development organization can help you achieve on-time delivery and high quality, especially if your product or service relies heavily on software. RPA-DEV is used for process improvement in development organizations. RPA-DEV is a model or collection of “best practices” that organizations follow to dramatically improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of their product and service development work.